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Air Quality


Hazardous Air Quality Monitoring and Compliance

CEL continues to assist clients in meeting their Title V operating permit requirements. To comply with the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) requirements, CEL has successfully implemented an innovative regulatory approach. CEL utilizes the US EPA’s Data Quality Objective (DQO) process to develop cost-effective compliance sampling plans that achieve a known statistical level of regulatory compliance. For example, for a large federal client who was subjected to the Aerospace Manufacturing and Re-work NESHAP, CEL estimated that only twenty-one (21) hand-wipe cleaning and surface coating samples had to be taken to claim a ninety-nine percent (99%) compliance confidence level. Implementation of the DQO based compliance-sampling plan eliminated the need for the facility to sample all regulated hand-wipe cleaning solvents and surface coatings while achieving a known level of regulatory compliance.

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